Ayurveda leads to Compassion

Ayurveda is not only a health care system but a lifestyle to adopt to maintain perfect balance and harmony within the human existence, from the most abstract values to the most concrete psychological expressions manifesting in the physical form. The most important aspects I have resonated with from my understanding of Ayurveda is knowing my personal constitution and how I might be showing up during the different seasons or around others based on their constitution. I begin to see the world and my experiences more objectively as I learn and understand more around this ancient science. So instead of blame or judgment I
begin to look at the activities I have engaged in and based on the results I decide what changes need to be made. Asking myself questions like “what activity should I increase and what areas do I need to decrease my
participation or be much more mindful”. I also begin to see more impartially the actions of others say in the heat of the day where there may be excess movement on the roads or grocery stores, since the time of day and amount of activity will effect a human’s response internally and toward those he comes into contact with. The science of Ayurveda actually teaches us empathy towards ourselves and others by offering us information leading to understanding.

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