Meditation – Beginning Technique

We hear so much about learning to meditate and the many benefits of meditation. Meditation is more a state of being rather than something you do. According to the Yogic Sage Patanjali, before we can enter into a state of meditation one must take care of the physical body and breathing and establish the practice toward mastery of focus and concentration. To develop the mind toward coherent thinking we work to establish one pointed focus so we may calm the thought waves of the mind and then we experience the state of meditation. There are many great techniques to cultivate concentration and two of my favorites are counting the breath 10 to 1 and candle gazing. You can find a quiet space, close your eyes and
begin to count each cycle of breath starting at 10 and¬†should your mind become distracted begin the count again. To practice candle gazing simply allow your focus to rest on the candle flame for 5-10 minutes repeating the word “peace” to yourself and after 5-10 minutes, close your eyes and
hold the reflection of the flame in your mind.  These are two of my favorite practices and please feel free to contact me to cultivate these practices a little more. I look forward seeing you in class with me.

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