What is Community?

What is community? Our Eastern brothers and sisters offer to us the word, kula. Kula is a group of individuals with like minds and hearts communing together for a common purpose creating cohesiveness that forms an unseen bond of support. Each person is a like a pebble tossed to the water creating a profound ripple effect within the community, and the Yoga Rasa community is like a larger pebble tossed into the communities of our families, work and cities. There are components that make up a powerful kula, these are determination toward individual goals, diversity appreciation, reverence of human beings, willingness to show up and awareness of common purpose. I am blessed to be part of the Rasa Yoga
community. Each day I wake up, I look forward to being with my friends at Rasa Yoga and I deeply appreciate everyone’s participation, your commitment to peace within yourself and peace for our planet. I hear
comments time and again from members of our community about the acceptance and support they feel being a part of the kula, I often hear an experience of compassion, peace and love upon entering Rasa Yoga. If you find yourself asking how you might strengthen and expand the Rasa
Yoga community simply reflect on your purpose for attending, even beyond the obvious top physical conditioning and stress management. Begin to ask how connected you feel to friends at Rasa Yoga, are there ways you could deepen that? And you may participate in many of our upcoming volunteer opportunities to heighten community awareness. I
encourage you to support yourself in doing what serves you best and if there is anything you need from me please do not hesitate to contact me.

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