Live by Choice

The main theme of this newsletter is my favorite, and that is empowering yourself to affect your destiny…living by choice not by default. In the teachings of yoga philosophy, the main purpose for yoga is to gain mastery over your own thinking. You may allow the positive, creative thoughts to flow and release thoughts that are not serving your highest purpose. The ancient yogis knew the importance of setting intention and learning to direct the mind toward the intention hence the practice of Sankalpa. Sankalpa is the process of affecting your destiny. You have the power to change your karma and Sankalpa is the process! I know – sounds easy, right? Well, easy but not always so simple. Sankalpa is also a process of personal development. While sankalpa may sound like the western
view of “goal setting”, the internal process is quite different. Underlying the practice of Sankalpa is always loving kindness toward self and others and learning to recognize and release over-attachment and resistance.
Sankalpa is about the process of creating one’s life and when Sankalpa is an active part of your practice, you will be seeking ways of practice to reduce and manage the distractions of the mind. We all experience distractions from our purpose and these stem from distractions of the
body, mind or environment. We begin by reducing physical distractions by practicing asana and breathing techniques, then reducing psychological and environmental distractions by working with the mind, gaining mastery over the senses and creating focus and developing the ability to concentrate. The idea behind Sankalpa is that as we affect our personal destinies in a powerful and beautiful way we are also affecting our global family in the positive process as well. As we heal and experience more beauty and love, we have more to offer to one another. A yoga teacher trained in this practice can be an amazing support to you along this
path. I would be honored to discuss this in depth if you have an interest. I am sending out thoughts of deepest appreciation to my teachers and mentors that have supported and guided me in the practice of Sankalpa!

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