Inner Strength

My Grandma Brace is synonymous with inner strength. My grandmother was not a large woman physically but of mind and body, she was like the mountain that summits to the sky. Her ability to remain focused, tolerant,
compassionate and directed was like no other. I asked her once, “what have you learned is most important in life?”, “she said love God and love everyone else like God loves you, stay focused on that, do what you gotta do and everything will work out just fine.” Now grandma was a sweetheart but let me tell you her inner strength extended into the realms of boundary setting. Being a landlord over many duplex apartments, I remember heading out with grandma to pay a visit to one of her tenants. Grandma let me know during our walk that she was going to have to be
“tough with this guy”, she used other colorful words that I choose not to share here but she was definitely focused on getting business done! We make our way to the door, she knocks loudly and a large man, a very large man opens the door and my 5’3” grandmother proceeds to tell him how he needs to be taking care of his responsibilities with the duplex! I was so impressed and as a 12 year old, I could not figure out how my grandma got this man’s attention. Many years later, I share this story with you and sweet thoughts of my grandmother and the lesson she exemplified for me that day. Inner strength, the quality that is expressed when one has control over the thoughts that move through the mind, moment to moment, and the courage to act on them when the time calls for it. I believe my grandmother lived fully in the present, did not spend much time lamenting over the past nor worried about the future. She knew how to live in the present, enjoy life to the fullest, take care of business, love her family and friends. Years later I see how she commanded the attention of this large man, with a focused mind, she spoke her truth firmly, with love she was strength, she lived in a way that I aspire; with a heart firmly set on what needs to done and without looking back, doing it!

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