The Scientific System of Yoga

I remember in April, 2002 super model Christy Turlington in Rooster Pose on the cover of Time Magazine. Being so impressed and excited…yoga has
arrived in America. One would think the article would be primarily about the physical part of a human that is muscle and bone since this is the usual focus of exercise in America. In the past we did not understand the intimate relationship of the mind and the body, however Time Magazine did a beautiful job of teaching the Eastern and Western View of the benefits of Yoga. The interesting thing about Eastern View, while mystical as known by most Americans, the basis as taught by the Eastern Teachers is very scientific as well. Viewing the practice of yoga from a scientific perspective is not an idea that was born with American academia and the
medical world. The understanding and teaching of yoga from an Eastern perspective is comprehensive and inclusive of the Eastern and “Western” views. From Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras this revered yogic sage presents the outline of yoga…sort of the how, when, and what of yoga practice. This outline or framework is referred to as the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Asana is the third limb preceding breath practice. Accessing the physical and energetic body through asana practice relieves tension, strengthens the body, and eventually… over time begins to train the mind how
to think coherently and creatively.

Many have attempted to learn yoga via video or audio and I believe it absolutely necessary to find a teacher and a registered school of yoga to learn safely, accurately, and with quality. Rasa Yoga teachers are trained to teach through observing the students and their needs, offering feedback based on observation and also the main credo of our program,
“How May I Serve?” Join us tomorrow, Saturday 9 a.m. for Yoga Foundation or Sunday morning 10 a.m. for Yoga Stability. I hope to see you very soon at the studio and for those of you incredibly supportive friends…I send to you now heartfelt thanks for your attendance and dedication to your health and well-being through yoga. Thanks for your trust!

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