Taking the time to cultivate feelings of gratitude and then expressing those feelings in a way that is meaningful to each of us is the purpose of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Gratitude is the deep sense of recognition for our gifts, our talents,
relationships and abundance. Living from a paradigm of gratitude is a wondrous state of optimism that feeds the soul and all beings in contact with you. Gratitude is a perfect demonstration of love, a way to affirm what is working well in your life, and through the practice of an “attitude of gratitude”, we create more of the same. Reflecting upon the idea that like attracts like we have only to gain more of what it is we enjoy by allowing ourselves to think upon it every moment. Through an
ardent practice of Yoga, one cultivates the ability to focus and concentrate so a continued inner dialogue flavored with the essence of gratitude enabling a coherent conversation with our Creator in its purest most uplifted form of
prayer empowering us to co-create our lives in the way truly desire to live. Have a beautiful holiday, see you Monday!

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