Law of Attraction

I joyfully offer this edition of  Rasa Yoga news on The Law of Attraction. This is the very basis for the teachings of Yoga. For ultimately Yoga is to learn to take control of the way we think! We have the opportunity to think abundantly with expansion or its opposite which is contractive, negative thinking. Many students hold the belief in the beginning of yoga that their current experience is reality and the Law of Attraction says that your current experience is a result of thinking from a previous time and like a magnet the student brought into manifestation their thoughts. To make the shift from creating that which we would prefer not to experience to manifesting our deeply held desires of abundance, beauty and love is the work of yoga. Through the many different practices of yoga and working closely with a teacher we experience a paradigm shift!
Our old world view no longer serves us fully and we begin to see that anything is
possible based on how we think. It is paramount that if we are to change our lives
to an experience of excellence instead of “getting by” or mediocrity that we must take responsibility for the way we think and align with the beautiful reality of the law of attraction. You have the power to create a world, your world that you love! Your mind is a powerful tool and when guided by your heart the Universe is ready to reach out a long arm of support in building the reality of your dreams.

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